Kite Day

Kiwanis Serves Up Hotdogs To Kite Day Attendees

Mark Ghanbari, David Wilkinson, Sam, and John O’Connor served up more hotdogs than they could count last year. This year the story was different with rainy weather hampering crowd numbers, but Charlie Porter joined the crew to brighten the day.

Charlie Porter-Kiwanis Kite DayLast year the event was blessed with sunshine and warm weather. Crowds were larger, but that made no difference to Menlo Park Kiwanis Club members who served up hotdogs to the those who braved the rainy, blustery day. Saturday, May 7th was the 30th annual Kite Day, again held at Bedwell Bayfront Park from noon to 3 p.m.

“The annual event, organized by the City’s Community Services Department, is free,” said David Wilkinson who chaired Kiwanis involvement. “Families brought their own kites or could buy a kite and hot dog lunch for $6. This was the seventh year our Kiwanis Club ran the hot dog booth.”