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Kiwanis Speaker Helps Students & Parents Navigate The Treacherous College Admission Process

Getting into college is not easy these days. It is often an overwhelming experience for soon-to-be graduates and their parents, several of whom were in the audience when Jennifer Williams Taylor, Avalon College Advising, spoke at the October 17th Menlo Park Kiwanis Club luncheon. After the talk, she fielded more than 20 questions.

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What’s Ahead for Stanford Men’s Basketball?

New head coach Jerod Haase wanted to play for Stanford while growing up in South Lake Tahoe, but attended the University of California before transferring to the University of Kansas, playing for top coach Roy Williams. He brings an impressive pedigree to his new job at Stanford serving as Assistant Coach at both Kansas and North Carolina, before becoming head coach at UAB.

Jerod highlighted Stanford’s upcoming basketball season for the audience at the Menlo Park Kiwanis Club’s noon luncheon Tuesday, August 1, eventually yielding to many questions from the audience.

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MA Article Raises Awareness Of Club’s Partnership With The High School

A recent Menlo Atherton High School Chronicle article reminds students and parents about the many aspects of the Menlo Park Kiwanis Club’s involvement with the school. MA student Kumali Schoen interviewed several Club members and wrote the article in part give credit to the Club for the more than $41,000 in scholarships given MA students in 2016. She also talked about the on-campus Kiwanis Club, Christmas tree sales, and other Kiwanis volunteer activities.
Here’s the full article.

Kiwanis is a worldwide service organization for men and women. We meet weekly, and we work with the community on a variety of fundraising and community involvement projects to improve the lives of children and their families.

Our group is an active and committed partner to many non-profit organizations, having given over $90,000 last year in support of projects which include scholarships for Menlo-Atherton High School graduates, St Anthony’s Dining Hall, Tour de Cure of Diabetes, Special Games for physically challenged youth, Rebuilding Together, Key Club of Menlo-Atherton High School and the City of Menlo Park.

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As a group, we can achieve what individuals cannot do alone, and our many projects focusing on youth and families benefit a wide variety of local organizations and communities. We meet weekly at Allied Arts Guild, and we welcome visitors. Guest speakers provide us with information and education on a variety of topics–from updates on social media to crafting family histories.

While most of our members attend our meetings weekly, another membership option is designed for those who can only attend one meeting a month. Plan to attend one of our meetings to learn more about Kiwanis Memberships.